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This WooCommerce plugin allows you to setup product prices based on user roles. You can create custom price list or price list based on others price list, hide price to unregistered/guest users and more. 1 YEAR LICENSE WOOCOMMERCE 3.0.0+ WORDPRESS 4.4+


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Plugin Features

Price per user Role

The user will see the prices of the list assigned to his role, so you could create as many prices as you have types of users. This functionality is widely used in B2B business models.

Hide prices and add to cart button

You can hide the prices and the add to the cart button for unregistered users. You can also define a custom message that will show where the price used to be, this message may contain html code.

Create discount price list

With this feature you can save a lot of time, since you can create a list that is 20% of another list. This feature will allow you to create quick discounts or even raise your prices in just seconds.

Import Price Lists from CSV

Create a price list from scratch with prices uploaded from a csv or update prices from a price list.

Quick Price Update

Updating prices is easy, just click on the price and update it, we use ajax so you don’t have to leave the page. It is also easy to search for products by name or product category and start changing their prices.