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Hooks in Wordpress

Hooks in WordPress are a very useful tools, WP is known to base its operation on events and procedures. During the system run cycle there are different parts that run at different times. In the ecosystem of this framework, hooks are one of the most powerful tools. It is notable that thanks to them the […]

Custom Post Type in Wordpress (CPT)

WordPress is a wonderful CMS (Content Management System), currently a large percentage of websites are built on this platform. Its easy handling and low learning curve make users opt for this platform. But the question always arises of how to get the most out of WordPress, since this post will be directed to an important […]

How to create a plugin in WordPress?

Introduction As is known, more than 30% of the websites in the world are created with WordPress. This means that with this web development framework more websites are generated on the planet than with any other software for this purpose. The diversity of sites that are developed with WordPress is equally wide. With this incredible […]

Taxonomies in Wordpress. What are they for? How are they created?

Have we ever wondered how we can create new classifications (taxonomies) in WordPress. For example, you could have a movie site and there is a term that classifies them by genre (Drama, Terror or Adventures). I could have a portfolio to show my works and want to filter them by a classification that identifies them […]

Add extra fields to categories without plugin (WordPress)

Many times we need to add extra fields to the categories in WordPress, mainly to customize the category.php template or to handle new data related to the category such as images, styles and even html content. The default wordpress categories come like this, with only four fields (name, slug, parent category and description). How to […]

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