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All About web apps


Do you have internal processes in your company that are not yet automated?
Do you want to keep a detailed record of your clients’ information, sales and service levels? Do you need to make statistical analyzes and reports, or replace manual procedures that consume time and energy?

You need Web Apps to achieve all this and in this article we will tell you what it is and why you need to implement it for your benefit.

What does the term web app mean?

In essence, a web app is a computer program that uses web technologies (servers, programming languages, data transmission protocols , etc.) to perform operations over the Internet. Unlike the traditional applications you use (running on the operating system of your PC or mobile device), web apps run on a remote server and access them through a browser.

Web Apps examples

Web apps abound on the Internet and you have probably used them many times. Among some of the most representative examples of them and that you probably already know are:

– Online sales systems
– Social networks
– Email services
– Online games
– Online translators
– Editors and converters of documents, images, videos and presentations online – – Websites to create websites and blogs
– Bibliographic management websites
– Geographic information systems
– Weather information systems
– Cloud storage systems
… and many more

In general, any website that has some functionality in the sense that it is able to receive information of any kind, process it and return any results can be cataloged as a web app.

How do Web Apps work?

To work properly, web apps combine codes in the server environment and in the client environment.
On the server side algorithms handle storage, complex processing, information retrieval and other more complicated operations . On the client side the code works to show you the information you need in the appropriate format.

With a web application and its division of responsibilities between the client side and the server, two important aspects arise that characterize them:
First, the speed of information processing increases. It is better not to load the client environment with slow operations and you develop all the processing on the server
Second and not least, the architecture. You hide the layers of the web application that you do not need to put on the client side and increase the security of your web app when you do not expose the data that your application handles

What are the advantages of Web Apps?

Interaction between users and your company:
Web apps allow their users to interact with your company or company, using online forms, content management systems, shopping carts and others advantage. They make it easier for your employees to create documents, reports, share or update information on products and services, collaborate on projects and work on common documents.

Decentralization without sacrificing processes:
You don’t need to have your employees in the same place or that everyone uses the same operating system on their computers. It is not even necessary that they use only computers, because with phones or tablets they can also interact through applications. You can make your company run decentralize without sacrificing its structure or processes.

Size does not matter:
No matter the field or size of your business, with web apps you will be able to significantly improve your sales or the administration of your company. To develop this type of digital platforms is to invest in efficiency. Its benefits increase the commercial reach of your brand.

The same app for different operating systems:
You will not need to create different versions of the same app for the different operating systems of its users. A single web app that you keep will work perfectly in browsers of Windows, OS X, Linux, Android or anyone with a browser, alike.

Reach the whole world:
By working through the Internet your web application will reach all people who have access to the network of networks, regardless of the operating system they use . The number of your potential customers grows and so does your business. You provide them with fast and timely information and optimize the management of your processes.

Ease of update:
When you need a new version of your application you will not need to create updates for each type of operating system or distribute them. Updating the web app on the server automatically guarantees that all your clients, employees or collaborators have access to the latest version. This saves you time, money and maintains the loyalty of your consumers. This way you make the impact of the change minimal in the operation of your business.